Sublimato: guarantees fairness and flavour

Van Adrichem Nurseries has been growing tomatoes of high quality for more than forty years. Our customers (retail chains in the Netherlands and various European Countries) can count on fresh products: year round, every day.

We are aware that for the customers one tomato looks very much like another. To make it crystal clear to everybody, we present the tomatoes from the vine from Westdorpe via Growers United under the name of Sublimato. In Westdorpe we grow, amongst others, the tasty Brioso cocktail tomato.

One look at a box of Sublimato says it all:

• guaranteed quality

• daily fresh deliverance

• nearly biologically grown, a fair product

• minimum carbon footprint

• maximum taste

Tap here to view the Life Cycle Analysis of Sublimato tomatoes on the vine

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